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About the Author

Phyllis would always be "the one in the middle" - an older brother and a younger sister has its advantages and problems, never revered and never adored.

Even now in later years her loyalities are given to Cornwall which will forever remain homeland, yet....since then she moved into the heart of Industrial Wales and was accepted, perhaps her Celtic background helped. Her childhood memories of river trips, picnics on Atlantic cliffs and laughter in homes of the varied members of her extended family could not have prepared her for this different life where the sea was not always around the corner. In Wales there was a tradition of democracy and little trace of class distractions yet there was, at the time, not quite the freedom she had enjoyed in her young years.

Phyllis has recently won a special prize for Best Scroll for Prose publication at the Holyer an Gof awards 2007 in Truro.

Her book, "They Gave Me A Lamp", (which has now been reprinted) was warmly received as a personal record of her connection with the mining industry.