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The Bells of Truro

Before the music starts a current of expectation swirls around and through the groups gathered in the road to the Castle or Point and on the Quay. The sun glitters on brass bands and instruments and...

Cobwebs, Cabbage and Cannabis

Meadowsweet and Woodruff gave a faint background scent, and it was easy to imagine strewing these plants on the floors of cottages or baronial halls. These were the days when Cowslips grew in certain...

The Crystal Moment

I had written
of new thoughts like silver willow buds
ready to burst into life with the spring,
singing and warm, touching, tentative
as tendrils curling;
dreams in the drenched...

A Life That I Did Not Know

From St. Anthony, William looked across the harbour to St. Mawes. It was a cluster of houses leading from the Castle Point; the water was calm and shadows of fishing boats hardly flickered.

New People in an Old World

This first week in June had brought a new problem. It was not the weather alone which made his face look thin and strained. Pain ... not strange to him exactly, he had had his share of broken fingers,...

No Harbour Lights

There were strangers everywhere. Dutch and Poles, free French and soldiers or airmen from distant parts of the British Isles. Their boys were here and our boys had disappeared.

Rhoswyn's Family Stories

Honey's eyes were more watchful. She was working out whether having a halter meant an ordinary inspection or whether she might have to go for a ride.

A Road Through The Mountain

Suffering and patience, a little farm that took every pair of hands to keep it going. Then her marriage which meant pneumoconiosis instead of arthritis and the tight gossipy community from which there...

Sylen Revisited

Welsh Blacks etch on skyline; a sparse detail; a pattern is nailed on bogland

They Gave Me a Lamp

First impressions make the impact. Other people's routines become a vivid adventure; small foibles in an individual make him an outsanding character who is funny, endearing and not to be forgotten.